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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bored Outside with a Ghastly Creamy Center

This would describe the awkward thoughts that go through my head per a daily basis. I often wish I could release a blood-curdling scream but socialized behavior has "taught" (I say loosely) to control the id/ego/superego in one tightly wrapped package.

I want to be on The Guild. I heart Felicia Day and what she's done for herself. I want to be so extremely nerdy/geeky that I bring a sense of humility to the likes of Wil Wheaton. Unfortunately, I'm lacking enough geek cred to not fit in and too much geek cred to fit in with the settled, boring folk.

A land of betweens. me! Send me Warcraft and X-Box and let me shrivel away to nothing, in my bedroom, gaming myself in 9 hour chunks. See, that, a happy life is I!


Chazi said...

I came here from your dA page--I really hope you don't mind! I'm "Chajiko" over there and was browsing about and found your work. First of all--INCREDIBLE stuff. I've been dying to learn metal smithing and I about curled up in a ball and cried when I saw your work.

As for a comment on your blog post--I feel your pain for the in-betweenness, and I also understand that envy of The Guild and that easy acceptance of one's own nerd-qualities as a positive thing. :3 In the end, though, I think the vast majority of the world is made up of the in-betweeners--and we're not so bad in the end. :)

Kelly said...

Amen, Chazi! Here here to you and I clink my nerd glass in honor of all those who appreciate such qualities! :)