And I'm on Etsy!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Real feedback!

Okay, I'm working on staying focused, positive, and mostly PATIENT! So, thanks to some good Etsy members giving me some sound advice, I will slowly work on uploading content, and some zing to this rather lackluster effort of a blog.

It will be good times and certainly a learning curve!

Down the hatch and bottoms up!


AshleySpatula said...

Hey, Good luck with getting your blog rolling, I am trying to work on that too!

Kelly said...

I drool with excitement! Thank you for leaving me a crumb! I'm so excited. Seriously! :)

Rocki's Rock 'n Beads said...

The fun thing about blogs is that they are all unique - and that is what makes them enjoyable to visit and read. Be yourself and have fun blogging!
☼ Rocki

Kelly said...

So very true! And it's a bit addicting. I have work to be doing and I'm a bit taken with the checking in, adding new comments, and trying to find new information to post.

Thanks for dropping in a note!