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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Silver Nugget Bracelet Cuffs and Nugget Pendants

Tell me...I've been making a lot of sterling silver nugget pendants and bracelets lately. Okay...I lied. I said a lot but that
means, in hand made jewelry terms, that I've made two. Which can feel like a lot when you spend hours crafting them. :)

At any rate, I like this concept...again.... a lot.

And they are a more affordable alternative to the gold nugget variety. I make these all by hand, and I forge and mold and forge and texture... a get these looking as much from the Earth as possible.

Any thoughts?


Waterrose said...

I love the pendant! Your photography is stunning.

pkay said...

Nice. Something different. I lived in Ak for a while. I used to do crafting and projects all the time, nothing is more rewarding that designing something yourself. You never really get what you want, but it is rewarding still. Keep up the great work.