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Thursday, July 3, 2008

eBay is shooting themselves in the foot

I have a gripe. A formal complaint against this company. I have been with them for over 7 years and recently, I was in "violation" with keyword spamming in my listings. I make hand-crafted bridal circlets with a very Celtic, Renaissance and Medieval feel and I had about 25 listings wiped away due to spamming? How does one describe their product without using words like Celtic, etc, if that's what it truly is? I'm feeling a bit miffed and hope, eventually, that all the hard work I did on eBay will migrate over to another forum, such as Etsy, or my personal website.

Should I close my store front account with them or leave it up with a link directing here? Anyone know if that's doable?

Again, this is so frustrating. I pay outrageous fees, been a loyal and 100 percent feedback seller all this time, and this is how they repay me? I feel like I'm being targeted. It especially upsets me given that I see other merchants doing the same thing and they're not being targeted at all.

Perhaps, given this recent activity, with the French Connection via fraudulent watches, and in this sue-happy era, ze Francois won a 60 million settlement from eBay...which means that any of us who use indicators to describe our listings which may seem suspicious, to eBay, will get pulled. Still...totally not fair.


Anonymous said...

Oh, thank God you didn't close your store! I had my eye on one of your circlets for my wedding next year (I just don't have the extra funds to purchase it yet), and thought you had decided to stop selling them or something.

Are you still rearranging listings? I checked the Etsy site and don't see the headpiece I had in mind, and I'm not sure I could describe it right..:S

Kelly said...

Hi Larienoferyndor!

Ah, I submitted my pride and went back to opening the store...I had too many followers to just shut down completely.

Can you let me know which headpiece is was you saw? I have my personal website at and I'd be more than happy to help in any way I can! Feel free to contact me right through the site, too!

Thanks again!