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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Heaven's Blevins...What a glorious view from here!

I just came back from an *amaaaaazing* 5 day quick trip to Bryce Canyon, The Grand Canyon and Zion National Park.
5 days isn't enough for one park let alone three...but wow. For anyone needing a bit of spiritual restoration, please...I cannot stress this highly enough...please make time to see one of these!

It's food for the soul.


moonmystic said...

Doesn't everyone keyword spam on ebay? My husband does. You have to. That's dumb what they did to you. I thought they wanted to make money.

Kelly said...

I wasn't happy either. I wasn't keyword spamming, per se, as the keywords I was using really did describe the merchandise I make...stuff I make from my heart, hands and soul.

But eBay is going down the spiral tunnel very quickly and if you're a small business person, they don't have time for you. Even though I was a bronze seller. Hmmmm.