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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Casino. Without Robert Deniro or Joe Pesci.

I'm leaving the blog world for a few days to head to Vegas. I enjoy 'this town' for what it is, but more than two days and it's just too much bright lights, noise, cigarette smoke and obnoxious carpet patterns that make you swoon with nausea.

With that being said, and being the conservative gambler that I am, I'll be sitting my arse at the slot machines trying to enjoy myself. OR...I may just play that roulette thingy too.

Off I go to the baking desert of sin! Wish me luck!


Kim said...

have fun! good luck!

ThreadBeaur said...

Sounds like fun! Don't spend your winnings all in one place!

Gwen Paja said...

i love roulette! can't wait to go to Vegas in a few weeks!


Claire said...

have fun! Hope you win big!