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Saturday, July 18, 2009

The new Harry Potter movie

I went to see it last night. A 10:15 show at the Arclight theaters in Sherman Oaks. Apparently, the jeans, tee-shirt and Chucks outfit of Harry's was displayed in a glass case right outside the theater entrance. Let me say, Daniel Radcliffe is a tiny guy!

I'm still digesting the movie. As far as the way it played out over 2.5 hours, I enjoyed the way it was done, while slow in spots, kept me moving along. No unnecessary wriggling in my seat which tends to happen if a movie doesn't grab me in the first 30 minutes. The imaging, the graphics, the CGI were all stunning. The actual storyline? I'm sure it followed the book well enough but it seemed lackluster compared to the other movies. Perhaps it's the build-up for the last two books...but something seemed missing. I will add that for as long as it was, I didn't necessarily 'feel' that I was in my seat for two and a half hours. Given that I even knew how it ended, I expected it would move me more. Either I'm just a shat with a heart of stone or the ending didn't surprise me enough to tears. I didn't feel that emotional pull. I grew watery-eyed when Cedric bit it in Goblet of Fire, so, for whatever reasons, the film didn't hit that sweet spot.

Anyhow, did you see the movie? Did you like the movie? Any thoughts? Do I just need to sit with it for a few more days and then it will grow more on me? I welcome your thoughts!


Linda said...

I saw it also. The cast is growing up. I wasn't feeling well and thought it moved along slowly. I actually am embarrassed to say I fell asleep.

Of course, I jumped when the ahem, no spoilers from me.

I guess I had read the book awhile ago, and remember X being killed and me crying hysterically.

But as you say, not so much excitement. I'm going to sit with it too.

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen it yet but I want to. Just visited your shop and your jewelry is stunning.

janet said...

reading the Potter books is on a list of things to do B4 I die ;-)