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Monday, July 13, 2009

Sent my bow and baby classical poor Celts axe back ~~

Yep, so the fiddle is going back. It's a dud. Of the hundreds of fiddles this company sells a week, I received a throw away, a dud, a spit back, a none too gooder, a financial waste of time but a lesson well learned.

I am happy to report, however, that I am feeling much better than in recent months and I still have all my fingers after having been a jeweler for 15 years. Go me!


J T Trawick said...

Bummer about the bad luck :(. Stick with it, I'm sure something will come through. There's all kinds of GREAT fiddling out there. You mentioned Appalachian style in an earlier post. That's a great place to start. There's also Texas or contest style which is different from the old time they play out east. Then there's bluegrass, swing, jazz, you name it. Get out there and listen and you may have trouble picking favorites! :)

Kelly said...

Thanks, JT, I appreciate your comment. :) Did you learn by ear or did you take any lessons?

J T Trawick said...

i am learning by ear and by tab. mandolin actually. i'm not a fiddler. my dad is. i mostly play backup guitar but have recently gotten a mandolin which, much like a dog requires a walk, it requires a daily practicing. :)

DJ said...

SO sorry to hear you weren't pleased with your purchase.

I found my violin on eBay of all places & it was a good buying experience (got a video to learn)

Hope you can get your refund without any hitches!

Kelly said...

Thanks, DJ, and me too! What kind of violin did you get? Are you an experienced player?